THE SILVERS Start Recording 6 New Songs For “Back To Basics”

Dain gives a thumbs up

Today the band spent 6 hours in the studio of David Kessner laying down the rhythm tracks for the final 6 songs for our new album due out in September. Over the next few days we will post various photos of the event!

The 6 new songs are:

  1. Gravity (written by Dain and features him on lead vocal)
  2. Count On Me (written by Mick and Tom and features Steve on lead vocal)
  3. Peace (written by Dain and features him on lead vocal)
  4. It’s Such A Shame (written by Mick, Tom and some input from way back by Ken Wiles, with Mick on lead vocal)
  5. That’s The Way (written by Mick and Tom and features Dain on lead vocal)
  6. I’m Dancing (written by Mick and Tom and features Mick on lead vocal)

Carl keeping the beat

Harmonies abound as always and you’ll hear solos on keyboards, accordion and lead guitar by Steve and Dain!

The album, “Back To Basics” will be released on vinyl and include the previously recorded songs:

  1. Nothing Left To Say
  2. Out Of This World
  3. Try A Little Kindness
  4. Stand Up
  5. Stay With Me (This Is The Place)

The 6 new songs will then be sent to Doug Diamond of Diamondisc Audio for mixing and mastering. Our hope is to have a package with lyrics of all the songs as liner notes.

More photos to come!

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