THE SILVERS Are Working With Diamondisc Audio

For our upcoming album, “Back To Basics”, we will be using Doug Diamond and Diamondisc Audio for future mixes and masters. We gave them the tracks to “Stand Up”, which we published earlier, and it brightened up the music a lot. This created a problem for us.

In order to make the 4 songs we’d recorded previously for the album and make them sound like they belong in the same collection with “Stand Up”, we gave them the tracks and had him re-mix them from previous masters. WOW! What a difference.

One of their claims is to use, “Tube Compression/Multiband Limiting/Tube EQ – adds unbelievable warmth, punch and clarity!” This could not be MORE true. The original mixes we had were good, but these new ones sound even better!

We plan on going back into the studio in the near future to record at least 4 more new tunes and hope to release the album later this year in 2021. Keep your eye on our website for the latest updates!

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  1. That news is very exciting. Congratulations

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