Adam Messer Issues A Special Edition Of The SILVERS! UPDATED Nov. 18, 2020

To quote Adam Messer’s post, “The Silvers Special Edition: We had some playback issues of the songs when I interviewed Mick Orton from The Silvers. I wanted the audience to hear the music the way it was intended. This is a special presentation of the four songs we played on air on November 15, 2020.”

  1. Try A Little Kindness
  2. Nothing Left To Say
  3. Out Of This World
  4. Lonely Little Christmas Tree

All songs were written by original Silvers, Tom Kelley and Mick Orton, and were recorded, mixed and mastered by Drew Youngs for Earthwire Records. All instrumentation and vocals were done by the 2020 Silvers members, Steve Farac (guitar, accordion and vocals), Dain Bedford-Pugh (lead guitar and vocals), Carl Upthegrove (drums and percussion) and Mick Orton (bass and vocals).

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