THE SILVERS Release A New Animated Adventure For “Stay With Me (This Is The Place)”

For our July 4th Celebration, we are releasing our newest animated adventure video with The Silvers back in Silvers Surf City! We hope you enjoy it.

At the end of the “Watch Me Now” animated video, Mick and Bo are swept up by the same cyclone that dropped the Silvers into Silvers Surf City in the first place. So this adventure takes over where that one left off… sort of. First of all it shows the original three Silvers (Glenn, Tom and Drew) relaxing in their hilltop dwelling before panning to Mick and Bo still trapped in the cyclone.

While Bo gets dumped into the ocean, Mick is dropped on his chaise lounge only to find that the other three Silvers have morphed into Steve, Dain and Carl. Mick freaks out! Bart and Beulah are still in jail, and Bart is laughing at Bo’s dilemma. I think the rest of the story is self-explanatory, but you be the judge. Any questions, send them to Mick at TheSilversMusic dot com!



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