Final Introduction – Steve Farac of THE SILVERS! – Part 3

Note: Okay, this is the last part of Steve’s biography. 

Most recently, Steve joined The Silvers in 2019, a band that was playing what he always wanted to play; original music. Here the creatives juices could actually be used to help create brand new music. This music is guided by multi-talented songwriter, singer and bass player, Mick Orton, who played in the original Silver Laughter band from the ‘70’s. Early in 2020, two more members joined the band. First, Dain Bedford-Pugh joined on guitar and then Carl Upthegrove on drums, each adding creative styles of  their own.

The Silvers have already gone into the studio and recorded two new songs for an upcoming album called “Back To Basics”. Steve sang and played guitar, and even added accordion to one these upbeat songs, “Stay With Me”(written by Mick and original Silver, Tom Kelley). Once again the instrument that had lost favor with the Rock and Roll generation was coming back to add that joyful romantic touch to the music giving this song a slight feeling of being in France.

Carl provides the pulse and Dain adds the soulful guitar touches. Mick holds the bottom together with his solid bass. So far Mick has sung lead with harmonies provided by the other musicians, creating vocal blends reminiscent of the Beatles and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The future looks quite bright, especially considering how the new music of today and tomorrow needs an upbeat positive movement in these trying times.

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