“Stand Up” By The SILVERS Reviewed by Radio Airplay!

Note: Our two new songs were reviewed by Radio Airplay professional, Jon Wright, and both got great reviews! It should be noted that the tracks were recorded by THE SILVERS at David Kessner Studio in Novato, CA and produced by Drew Youngs at EARTHWIRE Studios.

The song STAND UP may be heard here!

Overall Impression:
In a time that seems to focus exclusively on division and dispute, The Silvers release an original song designed to remind listeners of the validity of their voice and the power that it carries!  Stand Up approaches a weighty motivational idea with a sense of coolness and commonality, encouraging any who find themselves afloat in the soundscape to take charge of the choices they have available to them.
Strongest Point(s):
The bass line and overall drive of Stand Up are great – and the transition into the chorus spaces feels really organic and rewarding.  Excellent lyrics, the emphasis on taking control of what you can is a stellar central concept. Very catchy hooks as well – the echo effect on the action words, “Stand Up, Wake Up, Let Go” makes the lyrics that much more accessible.  Really clever work!Target Audience Appeal:
Listeners with a mind for activism will find the words of Stand Up personally resonant, and the ingrained musicality of The Silvers serves to make the sentiment feel three-dimensional and deeply engaging.  Stand Up takes a relaxed approach to a very motivational message, and the result is as moving as it is groovy.  Awesome work! – Jon W.

Artist target suggestions:
The Who, Steve Miller Band,Tears for Fears, Steely Dan, R.E.M., Genesis, Supertramp, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, Sting, The Police

About the Reviewer:
Jon Wright is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator with nearly twenty years of experience in the field. Working with musicians and their individual sounds is his passion and profession, and he strives to interact with and understand every aspect of the production process – from theory and songwriting to recording and mastering. He continues to teach students of all ages and is currently collaborating with artists in a wide variety of genres.

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  1. Love ya Buddy. Miss ya too. D

    Drew’s Web Site ~ http://www.drewyoungs.com FB https://www.facebook.com/drew.youngs New Zealand: https://powpost.co.nz/ You Tube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/drewyoungs http://www.FashTech.Life Drew Youngs Founder/CEO – http://www.Earthwire.com 415-332-6100 Plant Records Sausalito/San Rafael, Lucas Valley.


  2. Just so people know, the Silvers owe a lot to Drew. And we hope to get the Silvers Surf City series (say that 5 times fast!) back up and running very soon! – Mick

  3. Steve Farac
    Really great working with these professionals. Mic has an amazing talent for writing songs, and drew adds the sparkle.

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