The SILVERS Set To Record New Album

A 3 Track?

As we move into 2020 THE SILVERS have quite a track record. They have released four 14 song LPs and four 6-8 song EPs so far.

New members Steve (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Dain (guitar and vocals), Carl (drums) along with Mick (bass and vocals) are about to go into the studio to record a fifth LP with 14 original songs all written by Tom and Mick. It is tentatively titled “Back To Basics” and is scheduled for release in May of 2020.

While the four cartoon Silvers are still stuck in Surf City on YouTube, the live band is preparing a show with songs chosen as favorites from their recorded material to make sure this set will be really special!

“Watch Me Now” is the closing track on the latest LP RUSHMORE and is getting great reviews from listeners.

And the new single, “This Is The Place”, will be the opening track on the new album and is expected to be released sometime in April 2020!


The official band website is:!

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