THE SILVERS Review the SHINDIG! Review

SHINDIG! Magazine is about to release its June issue, #92 this Thursday in which it reviewed THE SILVERS new album, RUSHMORE. Although it did not get the highest marks (3 stars out of 4) the reviewer did give some nice comments on several of the songs and gave a fair description of the album in general.

The review was split over 2 pages (84 & 86) with a huge two page advertising layout in between. Page 91 was a full page ad for SILVERS SURF CITY cartoon series which features adventures of the band stuck in that alternate universe.

“I feel the reviewer, Henry Hutton, enjoyed the album in general. And he did single out three of our favorites; Cross The Line, Have A Little Faith and Blame It On Love,” says band member, Mick. “The latter song was released as a single and was in the top twenty in the UK and top ten in both US and Canada iTunes charts. That’s something to be proud of, isn’t it?”

Right now the band is working on a secret project as well as another end of summer EP. So look for more surprises from this group in the near future!

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