THE SILVERS Have 3 Videos On Mind Box Video – For Western Europe!

We were just informed that Mind Box Video, a Western European video channel with its marketing epicenter in Berlin, has just put our music videos into their rotation!

  • At the top choose the POP genre and press go
  •  The playlist is on the right(3/35) next to SHARE
  • Choose video from the drop down

Our three videos are:

  1. Watch Out! at #3
  2. Yes, You Can at #28
  3. Silvers Surf City Episode 1 (Who Do You Think You Are?) at #31

This along with the new releases of our single, Blame It On Love, and our album, RUSHMORE, this all very exciting news!

Here is the RUSHMORE link to Apple’s iTunes.

Here is the RUSHMORE link to the CD Baby page.

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  1. Cool.. D > Drew Youngs Founder/CEO – > FB > Drew’s Web Site ~ > New Zealand: > You Tube Channel > 415-332-6100 Plant Studios Sausalito/San Rafael..


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