THE SILVERS Wish to Thank the New Subscribers – Your Privacy Is Assured

As THE SILVERS work furiously toward the release of our next 14 song album, “Soul Surrender”, we would like to thank the new people who are receiving this notice via their e-mail subscriptions by signing up using the widget on the top right side of our website as shown in the graphic.

We have had quite a few new subscribers in the last month or so, and we appreciate the interest in our music. We always promise to keep your information private. The only mail you will receive from us will be notifications about THE SILVERS and their music.

As we write this, Randyl Bishop is working on a new animated adventure which will introduce the cartoon series, SILVERS SURF CITY using the hit song, “Running Away”. This is NOT the adventure that is currently in development by POW Studios in New Zealand simply called SILVERS. But both will contain music written and recorded by THE SILVERS.

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