SHINDIG! Reviews PLAY! by THE SILVERS – And What They Don’t Know!

While the SHINDIG! review was not very complimentary of our new album, they did include us in the latest (MAY) issue of SHINDIG! Magazine on page 88-89. That’s not to say they hated it altogether; they did find some bright spots.

What they don’t know is that it caught the ear of Lord of the Rings sound editor, John McKay, who is working with us to develop a kids’ cartoon series called “Silvers Surf City” which is centered around music by THE SILVERS. It’s been billed as The Monkees meet Spongebob.

More to come on this soon! Until then, here is a sample of the silly “Silvers Surf City” theme song!

Yes, there will be an “adult” version of this song as well called “Working Together”!

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