SILVER LAUGHTER Does The Hustle – “Get Down Tonight” by KC and the Sunshine Band

Silver Laughter 1977 - Mick, Ken, Jon and Paul (seated)

Silver Laughter 1977 – from top: Mick, Ken, Jon and Paul

Just to show how versatile Silver Laughter was back in the day, we even incorporated some disco songs into our repertoire just to keep playing!

This song along with about 5-6 others really saved us, as did our Beatles Tribute, while other bands were dropping like flies during the disco craze!

As I have written before, many club owners were opting for the one time expense of buying a fantastic light and sound system in order to let DJ’s replace live bands by playing records. So thanks to our Beatles sets and a few disco hits sprinkled here and there, we were able to somewhat escape until the end of things in 1979.

“Get Down Tonight”

Click on the link above to hear Ken Wiles sing this KC and the Sunshine Band song. In my opinion, I think we did this one pretty well and may have even had fun doing it, though we may not have admitted it at the time. This cut is courtesy of Art Stenstrom who recently sent me a bunch of reel to reel tapes he found in his possession.

The place was a nightclub called The Edgewood in Fargo, ND in June of 1977. The tapes have suffered a little through the years, but we hope you will enjoy the tune and its history all the same. Lineup for Silver Laughter was Jon Ludtke (guitar and vocals), Ken Wiles (guitar and lead vocal), Paul Staack (drums and vocals) and Mick Orton (bass and vocals).

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