THE SILVERS Announce New Producer – Drew Youngs

Drew Youngs

Drew Youngs

As THE SILVERS prepare for an upcoming music release, and possibly a new cartoon series featuring the band, they have decided to work with producer, Drew Youngs, of Sausalito, CA.

This has sped up the process considerably since Drew is local to Marin Resident, Mick Orton. Plus he is a lot of fun to work with which is an extra bonus.

A brand new 2016 Christmas song (with Mr. Youngs at the helm), is set to be released on December 1 and will be available for download through the end of the year! So it won’t be long.

Meanwhile 14 new songs have been written and are being recorded as we speak. So the wheels keep turning for THE SILVERS, Mick, Tom, Ricky and Glenn!

Don’t forget our first album, “After The Laughter” and “End Of Summer” 6 song EP are still available from Genterine Records.

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