1976 Photos of Silver Laughter

Kim Ludtke at Lunch

Kim Ludtke at Lunch

These are more of the photos that were sent to me in negative form from our good friend, Becky Livingston. I transferred them using a converter and enhanced them the best I could with Paintshop Pro.

The negatives were obviously affected by the weather conditions in Illinois where they have been kept for 40 years! Perhaps one day I will have them all professionally restored, but for now, you can get the “picture”!

Like I explained in an earlier post, occasionally people who liked our music would have various events for the band outside the clubs. This was one time where we were all invited for a picnic at the home of one of these friends. Some others from this day in 1976 were posted earlier on this website. Here are a few more.

Sadly, very few pictures have surfaced while Kim Ludtke was our drummer in the band. But Becky did have a few during that period where we were working Paul Staack into the group as Kim was leaving. This first one shows Kim inside at a picnic Becky and her friends set up for us.

Ken Napping

Ken Napping

Eating was such a chore which is why we ended up with several photos of the guys taking a nap after lunch! Here is Ken Wiles. We know it’s him because of the “graphic novels” (Marvel comic books) he has open beside him while resting from the afternoon’s activities!

Jon and Paul at lunch

Jon and Paul at lunch

Photo number three shows Jon Ludtke and Paul at the picnic table with Jon making a funny face for the camera. I thought that was Mick going up the stairs behind them, but as you will see in the next snapshot, Carl is the one wearing the white T-shirt with the red piping.

Mick and Carl at lunch

Mick and Carl at lunch

Photo number four shows Mick Orton (now of THE SILVERS) and sound and light man, Carl Frisch, having lunch inside. This could indicate that the bees drove them away… either that or the HEAT!!! After all, this was taken in the Midwest in the middle of summer.

Paul Napping

Paul Napping

Snapshot number five shows Paul asleep on the floor that same afternoon. Someone get that guy a pillow, will you?

Because four of us are wearing Silver Laughter Tribute to the Beatles T-shirts, I would guess they were new acquisitions sent to us by manager, Art Stenstrom.

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