Jump To New Year’s Eve 1977 With Silver Laughter Photos

I am not going to say a lot about these photos from Becky Livingston. In fact, I am not sure which venue we played New Year’s Eve in 1977. Quite often it was more profitable to play one night jobs in big ballrooms than to be booked for weeks at a time in nightclubs.

I have looked at the background, and I can’t place where we were that evening. But Becky and her friends came all the way from Peoria to see us play. So here are a few photos of hers. Believe me, there are many more to come from 1976 as well as ’77. By this time, Paul was our full time drummer with Kim having headed back to school.

These negative were pretty faded, so I used Photoshop to enhance the colors a little. The spot lights and the flash from the camera together really washed out Jon’s and Ken’s faces.

Paul on drums New Year's Eve 1977

Paul on drums New Year’s Eve 1977

Ken singing New Year's Eve 1977

Ken singing New Year’s Eve 1977

Mick on bass New Year's Eve 1977

Mick on bass New Year’s Eve 1977

Jon onstage New Year's Eve 1977

Jon onstage New Year’s Eve 1977

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