A Friend From Peoria Uncovers OLD Silver Laughter Photos

One of our dear friends, Becky Livingston, from Peoria, IL sent me some negatives which I will pass along to you over the next few months. The ones I have gotten to so far were on very small film strips before the 35mm cameras became popular. Apparently she followed us around to different venues and took photographs of Silver Laughter.

The pictures have seen better days as they are over 35 years old, and some of them are quite faded. Regardless, they are worth posting to show what a great time we had while on the road in the 1970’s!

Here are several of us (most likely) rehearsing before the evening show. I say this because we are all sitting and are wearing casual clothes! The envelope from which these came was labeled 1976 Koliseum. I am guessing it was located in Peoria. This was about the time Paul Staack joined us right before Kim Ludtke left the band as they are both in some of these photos.

Jon rehearsing

Jon rehearsing

Mick rehearsing

Mick rehearsing

Ken rehearsing

Ken rehearsing

Silver Laughter Rehearsal 1976

Silver Laughter Rehearsal 1976 – Paul, Jon and Ken

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