“End Of Summer” Tease – A Clip of “Keep On Believing” By The Silvers

The Silvers

The Silvers – Ricky, Mick, Glenn and Tom

“Keep On Believing”

I couldn’t resist releasing this snatch of a tune from our upcoming EP called “End Of Summer”. The song was mixed and mastered by Stuart Epps as are the other 5 songs that will appear on the EP (Extended Play for those who are wondering).

We are getting lots of interest from companies who want to pitch our new songs to various TV and movie people, and this one has gotten a lot of great comments.

Here is the second verse as it fades in and plays through the first bridge and then fades out again. We hope you enjoy it and will whet your appetite for the new 6 song EP coming in August as well as picking up our 14 original song LP, “After The Laughter”!

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