Friend Of Silver Laughter Checks In!

Beverly Ryan's Family

Beverly Ryan’s Family

One of our friends from Silver Laughter stints during the ’70’s at Donovan’s in Redwood Falls, MN, sent me an e-mail the other day. I wrote about her and the venue about three years ago with a picture of her and Paul-Jon. It seems I managed to misspell the name of the nightclub!

Anyway, since then Beverly and I have communicated by e-mail several times. Bev (then) Gabrielson (now) Ryan was a great supporter of our group. She was a hostess at Donovan’s restaurant at the time we first showed up to do our shows. We went back often, and Bev was always in the audience.

I asked permission to share the photos she sent me with all of you, and she approved. To show what a great friend she was, her son, Paul-Jon was named after two members of our band! He is now serving his country in the Navy Reserves.

In the photo are Beverly’s kids. In front is Paul-Jon, on the left is Heather Nicole  (Flann ) Bright, top is Matthew John Ryan and on the right my youngest son Stephan Michael Ryan.

Seems like the Internet has provided us a way to connect with people we might never have heard from again! Thanks, Beverly!

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