Mick Orton of The Silvers Imitates Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac from 1977

Silver Laughter 1977

Silver Laughter 1977 – Paul, Mick, Jon and Ken

“You Make Loving Fun”

Click on the link above to hear Mick Orton of The Silvers test his vocal talents by imitating Christine McVie with this Fleetwood Mac song back in 1977. I remember it was challenging going back and forth from regular voice to falsetto without sounding like it, but I did manage to get many compliments about the fact that we were able to do that song so well!

I believe the lineup for this band was Jon Ludtke on guitar and backup vocals, Ken Wiles on lead and backup vocals, Mick Orton on bass and vocal and Paul Staack on drums and vocals.

Note: If you listen in stereo, you will notice that the vocals (left side) are lower than the instruments (right side). That is the way it was recorded. On my editing software it is obvious that the right side is really hot. Some engineer somewhere can probably balance the two… but it’s not me!

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