The Silvers Opt Out of Reverbnation Opportunities!

The SilversWe’re on strike. Here is a message to any musicians who read this site: use Music XRay for your submissions instead of wasting time on the worthless Reverbnation site.

Not only do you NOT get to comment on anything you submit to Reverbnation, but they automatically post to your social networking sites whether you want them to or not. It is my opinion that this increases THEIR traffic not the band’s. So they are using all of us to promote their site!

I, for one, am sick of their, “We had to make some tough choices, and unfortunately you were not chosen” message. It shows up on practically every rejection they send. Congratulations to the bands who manage to actually get something for their money (for the press kit; something we will NOT be renewing!) and get selected. But it won’t be us starting today.

We have found Music XRay to actually be a fair site that gives constructive feedback from some of their music professionals when we submit to opportunities.

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  1. I also had to not renew my press kit due to the value just not being there. It’s a good place to network and share music, but it doesn’t seem to have anything of value beyond that.

    • Thanks, Randy. We agree. It’s a great place to place music and let other people hear it, but the opportunities seem to promote Reverbnation through the artists’ social networks rather than promote the artists themselves!

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