Start From the Beginning of This Site!

This website's first post!

This website’s first post!

Click Here to go to the link to the very first post I ever did on this website from November 28, 2012. If you really want to review this site chronologically, go to this page and then you will see at the bottom of every post a maroon right arrow with the name of the next article (in this case “Silver Laughter Tracks on YouTube›”). In this way you can scroll through the almost 4 years of articles as they were posted.

Keep in mind, back then I had a lot of material so I was doing several posts a day to build up content! Be sure and read the comments too. On article 3, which was one of the very first posts, you will see a comment by none other than Glenn Stone of The Silvers which he wrote on April 10, 2013 (entitled “CD’s, Albums, 45’s & 8 Track Tapes, oh my!”). It was at that time that we reconnected and eventually led us to having him join the band!

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