Clarifying The Silvers/Silver Laughter Connection

I found this post and decided to bring it back to the top! My hope is the late comers to this site will get some perspective about how The Silvers was founded.


Mick Orton Mick Orton

Recently, it has confused some people that The Silvers and Silver Laughter are showing up in the same place. So I will endeavor to explain the thought process as we move forward with changes to the site.

The IRRMA Hall of Fame Induction of Silver Laughter in 2014 was a big deal for me. After spending all that time (and money) getting the voice and bass licks back into shape, the travel and the hotel rooms, I thought it was a waste to end our music career with that concert. However, the rest of the band did not seem to feel that way. When  I proposed recording new music digitally across the long distances that separated us, nobody in Silver Laughter seemed interested. It is a big time commitment.

Tom Kelley Tom Kelley

However, I did not let that dampen my enthusiasm for recording again. Old pal from the TODD…

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