Green Tree Remaster of “Sailing On Fantasies” Song “Don’t Want To Lose” by Silver Laughter

Ken Wiles (top left) in Ivory Coast 1972

Ken Wiles (top left) in Ivory Coast 1972

“Don’t Want To Lose”

Click on the link above to hear the third song on Silver Laughter’s second album, “Sailing On Fantasies” which was written and sung by Ken Wiles. It’s one of the best arrangements on the record. And this cut is from the German company, Green Tree, reissue CD.

As a side note, in making the deal with Green Tree, they asked for some bonus tracks to include on the CD to help sales. During the negotiations, I reached out to the other Silver Laughter recording members (Jon, Kim, Ken and Paul) to get some input on which live cuts we should include.

But after leaving messages on some of the guys’ phones and sending several e-mail messages, the only one I heard back from was Ken who didn’t really state a preference. So I went ahead and made the decision on my own, divided the proceeds and sent the checks to the five recording members. To this day some of the guys are not pleased with my decision.

The photo is of Ken’s group, Ivory Coast, before he joined Silver Laughter. Love those matching outfits.

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