The Silvers Would Like To Thank Kevin Jarvis

Kevin Jarvis

Kevin Jarvis

This is just a quick shout out from The Silvers to our mixing engineer, Kevin Jarvis. He has performed some miracles for us and our music even though he is miles away from us in his South Carolina studio!

I told him some time ago I would give him a little write-up, but then I dropped the ball! Since I just sent him a sheet of notes for the 14 songs on our “After The Laughter” album (due out in March), I started feeling like I should say SOMETHING!

So here it is: “Kevin, thank you so much for your great work on our album, and once this album is ‘in the can’, we are looking forward to starting work on our second record!”

(PS: Maybe one of these days they will invent software that can turn a major chord into a minor!)


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