Ricky Zero of The Silvers Checks In!

Ricky Zero in the Studio

Ricky Zero in the Studio

Throughout most of the recording of The Silvers’ debut album, “After The Laughter,” the other guys and I have each been recording in our own cities, then sending our recorded tracks to our engineer, Kevin, in South Carolina.

This past weekend, I had a show in South Carolina with one of my other bands, Radio Cult.  The show was only about an hour away from Kevin’s place and he graciously set aside a good part of the day to let me set up a session with him at his amazing studio!  The timing couldn’t have been better because we are down to the wire on getting the tracks done for the album and recording with a great engineer like Kevin is much faster than recording on my own.

Additionally, Kevin has a collection of wonderful acoustic guitars, so I had the opportunity to choose from several different amazing instruments, each with their own unique sound.  I ended up playing three different guitars for various parts on the songs we were recording.  In the six hours I spent in Kevin’s studio, I managed to put some of the finishing touches on a song I contributed to the album called “I’m Just The Other Guy” as well as lay down the guitar parts for one of Mick’s (actually Ken’s song) songs, “So Long.”

The songs are definitely sounding great at this point and we can’t wait for everyone to hear them!  Look for “After The Laughter” to be released on Genterine Records in March!  As always, thanks for listening!


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