Birthday Gift from Mick Orton of Silver Laughter and The Silvers!

Silver Laughter 1976 - Mick, Jon, Ken and Kim

Silver Laughter 1976 – Mick, Jon, Ken and Kim

“No One Can Do It”

Click on the link above to hear an early performance of this Silver Laughter song from the first album. Sadly, we start off a little out of tune, but the vocals are really good once we get started.

It was another song recorded by Steve Elliott at the Mississippi Valley Fair Teen Tent on his TEAC tape deck back in 1976. The musicians on this tune are Jon and Kim Ludtke, Ken Wiles and Mick Orton

Meanwhile I celebrated my birthday today on the slopes at Alpine Meadows in Tahoe. Thanks to everyone who visited my Facebook page and dropped me a note today!

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