Another Time Travel Adventure from Silver Laughter! UPDATED AGAIN

Silver Laughter 1974

Silver Laughter 1974 – John Carstensen, Denny Walton, Steve Elliott, Jon Ludtke and Kim Ludtke

“Don’t Look Now”

Click on the link above to hear this early Silver Laughter original. I was not in the band when they recorded it. I am asking for clarification from those in the know (Steve and Jon) so I will make my best guess now and update this when I get the answers.

So here goes. I think Steve Elliott wrote and sang lead on this clip. However, who played lead is only a guess; John Carstensen?

Getting dizzy yet from going back and forth in time??? Thanks to Steve who sent me a bunch of clips, several of them which have not been posted yet!

From Jon: It was an old Silver Laughter original song, along with: Summer Weeds, Squelch (instrumental), What’s Up?, The Lord Helps Those That Help Themselves, Routine Poison, Hang Yourself, Pancake Baby (instrumental), Razor Blades And Cottage Cheese, Gorgon.

From Steve: I wrote it when Silver Laughter was Jon, Kim, John Carstensen and myself. After I left the band and you and Jon re-worked the song into “Turn Your Face Away”, I re-worked the original concept and made a demo. So it was an SL song of mine that I re-recorded.

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