Going Back In The Time Machine To Hear Silver Laughter Perform “Take My Money” LIVE

Silver Laughter 1976 - Jim, Mick, Ken and Jon in front

Silver Laughter 1976 – Kim, Mick, Ken and Jon in front

“Take My Money”

Click on the link above to hear this 1976 recording of Silver Laughter performing one of our original tunes that appeared on the “Handle With Care” album. Once again, it was recorded by Steve Elliott on his TEAC 4 track tape recorder in the Teen Tent at the Mississippi Valley Fair.

The musicians on this selection are: Jon Ludtke on guitar and vocals, Kim Ludtke on drums and vocals, Ken Wiles on lead and vocals, and Mick Orton on bass and vocals. Carl Frisch is on sound and lights. For the record, I do not remember my bass line out at the end being so busy, but that’s what happens over time…

Vandermeide the Hypnotist

Vandermeide the Hypnotist

By the way, this was the night Jon was hypnotized by Vandermeide the hypnotist. I bought one of his cassettes and use some of his ideas to this day to relax (maybe I should use it for memory!). This is for Jon. I hope he does not go back into a hypnotic trance at these words, “Grip and tighter, glue and tighter!”

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