VERY Early Recording of Silver Laughter – LIVE

John Carstensen

John Carstensen

“Razor Blades & Cottage Cheese”

Here is an early find by Steve Elliott who was kind enough to share with us from a live performance (probably around 1969 or ’70) when the band included as its members; Jon Ludtke (on guitar), Kim Ludtke (on drums), Denny Walton (harmonica and guitar), Steve (on bass) and John Carstensen (lead guitar and main vocal).

John, always being the character (and still is!), wrote this little blues song on which Denny Walton plays a mean harp! I do not know the venue.


I’m going to the grocery store,
Buy razor blades and cottage cheese. (repeat)
I’m gonna take my goods,
And stick them right in the back of my B-V-D’s!

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