From the Time Capsule – Silver Laughter Live Music from “Handle With Care”

Silver Laughter at the Mississippi Valley Fair: Mick, Kim, Jon and Ken

Silver Laughter at the Mississippi Valley Fair: Mick, Kim, Jon and Ken

“Any Words You Can Say”

Click on the link above to hear the original song from Silver Laughter’s first album,”Handle With Care” performed live.

Steve Elliott, one of the founding members, was kind enough to send me some live cuts from a performance Silver Laughter did at the Mississippi Valley Fair shortly after Ken joined the group (around 1976) which I will be releasing on this site over a few days. Steve was in the audience recording on his TEAC 4 track reel to reel tape recorder.

The lineup for this song was Jon on guitar and lead vocal, Mick on bass and lead vocal, Ken on lead guitar and vocals and Kim on drums and vocals. My guess is that we may have already been in the studio to record the album since the original harmony on the verses is gone. During that recording session, it was suggested we drop the strange sounding lower part and just have Jon double track the main vocal.

Fairgrounds 2014

Fairgrounds 2014

I wish I had a better photo from our performance in the teen tent, but this is the only one that survived as far as I know. Look closely and you will see Mick on the far left, Kim in the middle behind the drums, Jon center stage and Ken on the right.

The picture of the fairgrounds is one I took when I was in Davenport to rehearse for the 2014 IRRMA Hall of Fame induction concert. The teen tent was just inside the main gate to the right behind the trees.

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