The Silvers Gets Radio Airplay With “Running Away”

The Silvers - Mick, Glenn, Ricky and Tom

The Silvers – Mick, Glenn, Ricky and Tom

Here is a letter we got from Akademia about increasing interest in our first single, “Running Away”. Click on the link to hear the song.

Dear The Silvers,

It appears that congratulations are in order! We have been informed that your song ‘Running Away’ continued to receive an increasingly strong listener response in its latest month of heavy rotation on numerous stations. This is great news!

But there’s more good news. We recently met with program directors from the Pulse 200 FM Radio network and are pleased to inform you that we’ve secured rotation for your song ‘Running Away’ on the following five stations, effective October 1st:

A-Pulse Radio- Atlanta, Georgia
Pulse 200 FM

C-Pulse Radio- Capetown, South Africa
Pulse 200 FM

J-Pulse Radio- Jakarta, Indonesia
Pulse 200 FM

M-Pulse Radio- Mumbai, India
Pulse 200 FM

S-Pulse Radio- Seoul, South Korea
Pulse 200 FM

This is a big break for us. Radio play on five additional stations in major population centers across the world (Atlanta, Capetown, Jakarta, Mumbai, Seoul) will reach a significant number of new listeners and expose your music to a wider audience.

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