Going Back Through Silver Laughter Albums – “Sailing On Fantasies”

Silver Laughter 1976 - Paul, Mick, Ken and Jon

Silver Laughter 1976 – Paul, Ken, Mick and Jon

“Turn It Down”

Click on the link above to hear the second song on the first side of Silver Laughter’s “Sailing On Fantasies” album. The slightly out of focus photo comes from the sessions shot in Worthington by our manager, Art Stenstrom, right after Paul replaced Kim on the drums.It looks like Paul is holding his arm out for either Carl or Art to join us!

I remember we were sitting on the curb while a parade went by. Those two gentlemen in the background were like statues and stood there while Art took several shots of the band, then several with us gone. Two of these made it onto the album cover and insert.

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