Free Music! New Song by The Silvers – “When The Time Comes”

The Silvers Poster - Mick, Ricky, Glenn and Tom

The Silvers Poster – Mick, Ricky, Glenn and Tom

“When The Time Comes”

In anticipation of our new album, The Silvers are seeing our songs coming together quickly now. This one has been in “the can” for a few weeks, and though it has only been digitally mastered to this point, I thought I would tease you with this “Tom Kelley – Mick Orton” tune written back in 1969 for TODD Beat Group! Not bad for a couple of high school punks!

The lineup for this song are Glenn on drums, Ricky on guitar, Tom on some rhythm and lead and Mick on piano, bass and vocals.This will be the last early release of music for awhile. Don’t want to give too much away!

We are also in the planning stages for our second animated video of another one of our completed songs, and we may be releasing another single before the end of the year. It’s getting really exciting.

Note: because of the way we are recording these songs in various spots across the county, it’s amazing how much it sounds like we are all playing in the same room! As I listened back to the recording, I believe I hear others in the vocals; Tom and Ricky may have contributed voices to this one. This song is dedicated with love in memory of Dave Cross and Dennis Dunlap, former TODD members.

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