The Silvers Update

The Silvers - Mick Glenn, Ricky and Tom

The Silvers – Mick Glenn, Ricky and Tom

I am so excited that we are nearly half way through our list of songs which are to be included on our new album, “After The Laughter” by The Silvers. It is usually in my nature to want to release early versions of the songs, but I am resisting that impulse and just saying that we have final or nearly final versions of the following songs:

  1. Running Away – our first single (Orton/Wiles)
  2. Nothing Really Matters – our first single (Orton/Zero)
  3. No More (This Time I Mean It) – released on the Genterine compilation CD (Orton/Wiles)
  4. Hey, Marie (Orton/Wiles)
  5. When The Time Comes (Kelley/Orton)
  6. Sunday Girl (Zero)

Up next up in the studio are:

  1. Down And Out (Orton/Wiles/Zero)
  2. Little Minds, Little Hearts  (Orton/Kelley)
  3. Good Friends (Orton/Wiles)

After that we have just a few left to finish:

  1. I’m Just The Other Guy (Zero)
  2. You Ask A Lot Of Questions (Orton/Wiles)
  3. So Long (Wiles/Orton)
  4. Mr. Kool (Orton/Wiles)
  5. It’s Alright (Kelley)

If time (too many minutes for a vinyl pressing) becomes an issue, some of these may roll over to our second album… So stay tuned!

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