Silver Laughter Promotional Outtake from 1976

Silver Laughter 1976 - Ken, Mick, Paul and Jon

Silver Laughter 1976 – Ken, Mick, Paul and Jon

This is one of the outtakes that Art Stenstrom took of Silver Laughter right after Kim left the band and Paul joined us. Several other similar to this have been posted elsewhere on this site. It was taken in the daytime while we were playing at Cheever’s in Worthington, MN. It looks like the negative got scratched around my face.

As I was working on this, my honey was listening to a 60’s cable radio station while gardening, and The Cyrkle came on. Although they have nothing to do with Silver Laughter because we never did any of their songs, they were an American Group managed by Brian Epstein, The Beatles manager. And you know our connection to The Beatles!

I found a video on YouTube of The Cyrkle doing “Turn Down Day” which has excellent harmonies. The bass player is actually playing along, even though I think the song is prerecorded. It is also of note that this group was a three piece band, but for this performance they added a piano player. The drummer also does some nifty snare work for this video. Maybe it’s something Glenn Stone of The Silvers can incorporate into one of our songs!

To my knowledge, they did not write either of their two top 40 hits. Paul Simon (of Simon and Garfunkel) co-wrote their first hit, “Red Rubber Ball”. along with Bruce Woodley of the Seekers. “Turn Down Day” was written by David Blume. Just listen once, and I dare you to get this song out of your head!

Here endeth the trivia for the day.

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