A New Twist on Old Silver Laughter Tune – “Rainbow”

Silver Laughter 1978 - Paul, Ken, Jon and Mick

Silver Laughter 1978 – Paul, Ken, Jon and Mick


Click on the link above to hear the tune. So this idea came to me as we start to cycle back through our original music that it would be nice to get short little quips from any of the other guys of what they might remember arranging, recording or performing our songs.

Ken came up with one, “Just something that came right to my head. You guys said you wanted something majestic for a riff for rainbow and the first thing I did was the part we used. I came up with it right away, and you guys said that was it. Not much for the website, but the past is a bit fuzzy except for glimpses of memories. I’ll get hypnotized and have it all come back.”

Just what I was looking for! I hope it gives you some insight. The photo is a 1978 outtake.

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