In Honor of The Rain in California! Silver Laughter Beatles Tribute

Silver Laughter Beatles Tribute

Silver Laughter Beatles Tribute


Quickly posted to celebrate the return of the wet stuff to Northern California.

Updated at 5:06 PM. We are now in Tahoe to turn over our condo to the new owners. It’s raining up here too! This is something we do not usually experience in California during the summer months. But with the drought, this is good news.

The people pictured in the Beatles Tribute photo to the right are not the same personnel who played on this cut. Jon, Ken and Mick are the same, but Paul replaces Kim who is pictured. He plays drums and sings backup vocals for this cover of the Beatles hit.

If I haven’t said it before, we were very fortunate to have drummers who were also vocalists. It enabled us to have 4 part harmonies!

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