Before Silver Laughter There Was The Contents Are:

Paul and Mick

Paul and Mick

“Everyone’s Friend”

Mick, Paul, Craig, Dave and Wade Calvert

Mick, Paul, Craig, Dave and Wade Calvert

Before Paul and Mick joined Silver Laughter, they were part of the band, The Contents Are:. This studio recording was done at Golden Voice in Pekin, IL around 1970 and was rescued by our friend, Wade Calvert.

Written by Dave Neumann, this song features Mick on lead vocal with Craig and Dave on backups. The lineup back then was Craig Hute on guitar and vocals, Dave Neumann on lead guitar and vocals, Paul Staack on drums and Mick Orton on bass and vocals.

The photo at the right was once again cropped from a 1976 Silver Laughter outtake.

The one on the left shows The Contents Are: with Wade and was taken at Dave’s wedding while he was still living in Colorado.

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