Two Silver Laughter Members Play on “All Around”

Paul and Mick

Paul and Mick

“All Around”

Click on the link above to hear an early composition by Mick Orton. It was supposed to be a Neil Young type song written for The Contents Are:. Paul Staack plays drums on this while Mick plays bass, piano and sings lead. Craig Hute plays lead and sings backup. That’s Dave Neumann on the repeating guitar riff as well as some other nifty fills. He also sings backup.

It is now easy to realize that being on the road for months at a time with Silver Laughter really improved voices and song writing ability! Even with double tracking, the main vocal sounds weak. This was originally posted in WAV format, but has been converted to MP3 in order to speed up the download. The recording was done at Golden Voice studios in Pekin, IL around 1970.

The photo of Paul and Mick was cropped from an outtake done about 6 years later after Paul joined Silver Laughter.

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