Update on The Silvers “No More”

The Silvers

The Silvers

I wanted to check in with everyone who is interested in the new music we are doing with The Silvers. Two nights ago I got a rough mix of “No More” (an Orton/Wiles tune) which will probably be our next single, and it sounded fantastic. Just to be sure, I played it for a couple of close friends who enjoy what we are doing, and they both gave the thumbs up!

Though there is some tweaking that has to happen before being mastered, after that the song will end up on a compilation CD from Genterine Records along with “Running Away” and “Nothing Really Matters” as well as selections from other bands in their stable of artists.

I would have loved to put a short clip of the rough mix up here, but I think it’s best to wait until we get the final product before releasing it on the site.

In other news, we are also getting close on “Hey, Marie” (also an Orton/Wiles composition). As soon as Tom and Ricky put down the rest of their guitar work, and I lay down a couple more backing vocals, we will be done with that one too!

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