Ken Wiles of Silver Laughter and Our Friend, Lily

Young Ken Wiles

Young Ken Wiles – second from the left

Lily has been a long time friend of ours who still lives in our home town of Davenport, Iowa. Since I hadn’t heard from her in a while, I thought I would cruise her Facebook page and drop her a note.

What I saw there were several pictures of Ken Wiles I had not come across before. It’s amazing what can be found on the Internet these days! The first snapshot shows a long haired Ken at some sort of festival. He was probably just out of high school when this was taken and before he cleaned up to go on the road with Ivory Coast (before Silver Laughter)! I cannot identify any of the other people in this one unless that’s Randy Pearson on the far left…

Ken and Lily

Ken and Lily

Secondly is a picture that was taken a little later. I am not sure where it was since the photo had no caption to identify it other than that it was Ken and Lily. This is the Wiles look I remember from the “on the road” days. Great haircut, don’t you think? And Ken was usually the guy to wear long sleeves and vests, so it is surprising to see him in a tank top! Was he showing off his muscles? That t-shirt is a “Ghost Busters” shirt, so it had to be around 1984 after Silver Laughter had broken up, and we had been living in California for a few years.

Lily and Ken in Bodega Bay

Lily and Ken in Bodega Bay

Finally I grabbed this much later shot of Ken and Lily in front of the Bodega Bay Lodge out here on the coast in California. She used to be a regular visitor to our state when Ken was still living here. Sadly, now that he is in Reno I don’t get to see him… at all…

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