Another Replay from the Silver Laughter Vault – “I Wanna Be With You” by the Raspberries

Silver Laughter 1976 - Jon, Carl, Ken, Paul and Mick

Silver Laughter 1976 – Jon, Carl, Ken, Paul and Mick

“I Wanna Be With You”

Click on the link above to hear Silver Laughter cover a song by The Raspberries. Mick is singing lead with Jon and Ken (and maybe Paul) doing the backups. This is another cut from the Port Byron tapes recorded in June of 1978 which was posted earlier in WAV format but has been edited and converted to MP3.

Clearly this song has a wide range vocally. I do remember having a difficult time singing the lower notes of the verse on key because it was so hard to hear onstage even with the excellent monitors we had. And then Eric Carmen goes up high into a falsetto. It was a challenging song t0 sing but is still one of my favorites that is not a Beatles tune! At the end of the clip you can hear that we used to couple it with Todd Rundgren’s “Couldn’t I Just Tell You”. The songs fit (or fitted as the British would say) together nicely and were similar in the open strings guitar riffs.

As I related above, the band members at the time of this performance were: Jon Ludtke (guitar), Ken Wiles (guitar), Paul Staack (drums) and Mick Orton (bass). The photo from our 1976 Worthington session (right after Paul joined us), included sound and light man, Carl Frisch, in this Art Stenstrom outtake. However, I do believe Glenn (the Punk) Stone was also on the sound board during the 1978 performance.

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