NEW MUSIC! Lyrics to “So Long”

The Silvers

The Silvers

This is one of the songs that will appear on The Silvers new album, “After The Laughter”.


Double Shot Publicity Photo Double Shot Publicity Photo

As I have said elsewhere in other articles, Ken and I went through a kind of dark period after leaving Silver Laughter and moving to California. I hope nobody finds this post in bad taste though the subject is quite controversial. We were getting depressed trying to get back into music, and our new songs reflected that. This song and “Down and Out” were at the very low points in our first days in California. PLEASE LOOK AT THESE LYRICS IN THE PROPER CONTEXT! WE WERE TRYING TO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR ABOUT OUR SITUATION.

After all, when we got here we had very little money and few prospects. There were a lot of famous musicians living out here, but nobody was making any money at it. The moment I saw Jessie Colin Young of the Youngbloods (we used to cover their hit song, “Get…

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