1976 or 1977 Advertising Card for Silver Laughter at Spirit of St. Louis

Spirit of St Louis 1977 possibly

Spirit of St Louis 1977 possibly

I have talked a lot about this club in Mt. Joy, just north of Davenport, which had the big model of the famous Lindbergh plane hanging over the stage and dance floor.

Yes, it is where I found out I had hepatitis B which I’d gotten from a blood transfusion which caused all my pals to have to get gamma globulin shots… this made me very popular.

The advertising card doesn’t have a year on it, but we usually ended our week stays on a Saturday or Sunday. October 2 was a Saturday in 1976 and Sunday in 1977.

Earlier I posted an advertisement from my mom’s collection that has us playing there in May of 1976 while Kim was still our drummer. So it is still unclear which year this was.

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