Page 2 of the August 1977 Silver Laughter Newsletter

Newsletter - 1977 - August - page 2

Newsletter – 1977 – August – page 2

Page two of the August 1977 newsletter has notes from Ken, Paul and Carl. Apparently we all wrote our messages sitting in the same room. That had to be fun! All five goons in one big room trying to be clever? Priceless. As several of us relate in the messages, these were written during our last days in Canada.

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  1. Note: On Ken’s post you will see the first names to whom he shouts out are the British soldiers we met at the Assinaboia in Medicine Hat, Saskatchewan. Remember the story of the guys who bought a table full of beer, or “piss” as they called it? Dolly did the John Wayne movie (all the parts) and was funny as could be.

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