After Paul Joined Silver Laughter

Silver Laughter in their "prison blues"

Silver Laughter in their “prison blues”

When Kim decided to go back to school and leave the band, we recruited The Contents Are: drummer, Paul Staack, to fill the slot.

In order to give us every opportunity to be booked, Art had this studio photo taken of the new lineup in another one of our matching outfits, what I lovingly call the “prison blues”.

They actually were gray pants with pleats up and down the legs and blue jean shirts. Look! Everyone has a mustache.

From left are Mick Orton (bass and keyboards), Ken Wiles (lead guitar), Jon Ludtke (rhythm guitar) and Paul Staack (drums) seated.

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  1. I remember that Paul was a celebrity to me from his days in front of ‘auds’ at WHS; he was president(?) of the student government, and he was a ‘character’ as a speaker.

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