German Company, New Music – Green Tree – Reissues Silver Laughter Albums!

New Music - Green Tree

New Music – Green Tree

The German company, New Music – Green Tree Records, has just released reissues of  both Silver Laughter Albums in CD format.

“Handle With Care”, which was remastered may be found here. It includes 3 bonus LIVE tracks as well as an 8 page booklet on the band and its history.

“Sailing On Fantasies” was also remastered. Click here to see the offer. The recording includes 8 bonus tracks (7 live and 1 studio outtake) as well as an 8 page booklet.

The cost for each CD album is $14.90 Euros ($16.14 US at the time of this writing).

I am told a vinyl LP version of both albums are coming soon.

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