Founding Members, Jon and Kim Ludtke – We Wouldn’t Have Been Silver Laughter Without Them

Jon and Kim VERY YOUNG

Jon and Kim VERY YOUNG

It’s a long title for such a small picture. I cropped Jon and Kim out of a wonderful family photo their sister, Jonee, posted on Facebook today.

Come to think of it, Jon had a suit like that to wear on stage! He was a snappy dresser. And Kim has always been a little bit of a ham when other people took his picture!

The original shows Grandma posing with Jon, Kim, two of their cousins along with Jonee. I am guessing sister Lolly either wasn’t born yet or too young to be included. The Ludtke family is very close, and she would have been in the snapshot with the rest of the tribe had she been able to do so.

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