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Thank you for your interest in our bands. So far I have not been able to figure out how to use the NumberOneMusic e-mail system. It says it is easy, but I have not found it to be so. Therefore, I am using this workaround until I figure out how to work it!

Silver Laughter – the old days

My name is Mick Orton. I am a singer/songwriter/bassist and play some keyboards and guitar. Our band, Silver Laughter, toured the Midwest and Canada during the mid to late ‘70’s. We had two albums of all original material to our credit before we broke up in 1979. Some of the old group reunited in 2014 to be recognized by the Iowa R&R Association’s Hall of Fame for their musical contributions and performed for the induction concert on August 31 of last year.

Silver Laughter – the reunion

Versatile musician, Kim Ludtke, drummer and backup vocalist on the first album (and rejoined the group as drummer in 1979), was onstage to play guitar and harmonica. Paul Staack, who played drums and sang on the second album, drummed for the reunion. Singers/songwriters Jon Ludtke (guitar) and Mick Orton (bass) were also there. Mark Zaputil joined us on lead guitar for this 2014 performance though he left the group before the recording years.

The performance consisted of a 25 minute set of 6 original songs surrounded by a Beatles medley from our very popular “Tribute To The Beatles” which we created for those club days in the 1970’s. Unofficial versions of the 2014 induction concert may be found on YouTube, though the sound is not the best quality. IRRMA promised to release a professional version, but it has not shown up on their site yet.

Silver Laughter’s two albums, the lesser known “Handle With Care” and the well-received “Sailing On Fantasies”, can still be found through obscure record collecting websites as well as e-Bay. However, a German company, New Music – Green Tree is working on putting together a remastered double album of these two collector’s items and will be offering them very soon in both CD and LP versions which will include several live bonus tracks from both albums.

The Silvers – in the Silver Laughter tradition

This year some people from the Silver Laughter days (Mick Orton, bass, piano and vocals, and Glenn Stone, who plays drums, though not on the new single) along with an old friend (Tom Kelley, lead and rhythm guitar and vocals) and new friend (Ricky Zero, lead and rhythm guitar and vocals) have put together a “virtual” group, i.e., one that records but does not tour (at least not yet!). We are calling ourselves The Silvers. Since we live all over the US, we have created a file sharing setup where we trade tracks long distance. These are then assembled by some very talented people back in Atlanta.

The Silvers first single, “Running Away”/”Nothing Really Matters”, can now be purchased through the Genterine Records website. If you have listened to the MP3 files of our band on NumberOneMusic and liked them, we are sure you will be impressed by the quality of the CD version as well as the beautiful artwork that went into the cover.

Otherwise, look for our 14 song album of all NEW original material, “After The Laughter” which is set to be released in the fall.

If you have questions about Silver Laughter go to the website for more information. Or we can be reached through this e-mail address.

If you would like to be removed from this mailing list, just reply with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the message.


Mick Orton

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