Entertainment Services Concept – Management Company of Silver Laughter

Entertainment Services Concept Flyer

Entertainment Services Concept Flyer

I think big (long) business names were the thing during the early ’70’s. Art “Smart” certainly didn’t skimp on ink when he decided to name his company Entertainment Services Concept. It was based in Des Moines, IA.

We met Mr. Stenstrom while he worked for Rick Geisler at Big G Enterprises. Artie was the primary booking agent for bands that Geisler didn’t really want to or have time to manage. We were one of those.

Early in the days of matching outfits and cover tunes, Silver Laughter was working hard to gain stature as a big name band, so when Art decided to leave Geisler to form his own company, we jumped at the chance for the special attention we would get from him.

One of the deals I vaguely remember was that a portion of our commission to Entertainment Services Concept was to go toward recording. Looking back, I am sure we spent that money and much more (particularly for the second album) for our time in the studio.

This piece of memorabilia is a flyer Art had printed for his company in order to look for more acts to represent.

Note from Jon: Rick Geisler ran Showcase Talent International. Big G was his overall company (restaurants, bass fishing, etc.). Rick, not Art, hired Silver Laughter for Showcase Talent. Geisler had Rock’s Gang and a few other acts under management. I would never say he didn’t have time for, or didn’t want, Silver Laughter. Quite the opposite. Kim and I had an excellent work relationship with Rick. He was always straight up with us. He was very upset when Art left, and he didn’t want us to leave Showcase.

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